"Sagaria Law was my Anchor of Hope in time of financial ruin. I signed up as a client during my free consultation . . . And it was truly the BEST decision I have ever made. My Chapter 7 bankruptcy case was handled by Joe Angelo, an associate attorney at the Firm's San Francisco office, with the highest level of integrity, knowledge and expertise from beginning to end.

Sagaria Law also has a top-notch team of dedicated support staff that kept in contact with me every step of the way. On June 28, 2016, my Chapter 7 Discharge was granted. As this 4th of July holiday drew near, the bells of freedom were truly ringing out over my life thanks to Sagaria Law.

Please allow me a brief moment of your time to extend this invitation to you.

Just a few short months ago I, too, was at a crossroads facing a mountain of debt and an uncertain future. Sagaria Law saw a future for me when I was unable to see one for myself.

The three things I learned upon making my initial contact with Sagaria Law:

  1. Bankruptcy is not in any way shameful or embarrassing. The law has made provision for people such as you and I who find ourselves in these types of challenging circumstances.
  2. Bankruptcy is affordable. This Firm recognizes the financial burdens that people are already under.
  3. You won't have to face these challenging circumstances alone. You can and will find the RELIEF that you need.

In closing, I want to leave you with these words of hope written from my heart to yours for such a time as this . . .

Call the Firm who deals in financial binds that seem beyond repair.

Sagaria Law can shine the light ahead when your next step is unclear.

If you're in the midst of chaos and confusion beneath a load of debt and care . . .

Please call this Firm.

Sagaria Law is truly needed here." Liz K

"Sargaria Law was a pleasure to work with. Very professional environment, and not once did I feel bad or insecure about what I was going through. I specifically worked with Nate Streich. He was extremely knowledgeable, always answered my questions thoroughly and promptly, continued to put my mind at ease and very kind. Toward the end of the case Kristen Overman assisted Nate and she was also very professional, prompt with her responses and made immediate calls to creditors that were harassing me. Kristen made me feel at ease when I was feeling overwhelmed. If anyone ends up in a situation like I did, there is no other law firm I would recommend. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case." Michelle D.

"After interviewing three law firms I chose Sagaria Law based on their professionalism and understanding of my situation.

The processes involved in filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy were explained fully by both Scott Sagaria and Brittany Klein. When notified of issues, the Sagaria staff was quick to respond and rectify them. I would recommend the Sagaria Law Firm to anyone in need of Bankruptcy Counseling or assistance." Robert M.

"I would like to encourage anyone who is looking for a wonderful bankruptcy specialist, call Nicole Kerswell. Whenever I needed an answer she immediately gave me a response, I have recommended her to my family and friends that are in the process of filing bankruptcy, she was my angel during my financial dilemma. Thank you, Nicole." Sharon B.

"Gary Norton, we appreciate your quick responses and professionalism. Thank you, Sagaria Law, for being so helpful and saving our home. We deeply appreciate all of you greatly." Kim & Steve N.

"Sagaria Law prevented me from getting foreclosed on. They were friendly, and had great customer service. It was easy to get started and they were professional and informational throughout the entire process." James M.

"From the start having the free lawyer counseling from Elliot Gale to Nicole Kerswell for filing my petition today, every aspect of their help along the way to understand what I needed to do next without complication have set my mind at ease. I would refer anyone I know that needs an attorney to give Sagaria a call. Thanks to everyone at Sagaria Law for their hard work on my filing, I could not have done it alone." Glenn A.

"I was blown away by the professionalism, understanding and wealth of information offered by Sagaria Law." Karen S.

"At first I was so afraid but the Sagaria Law representative on the other end of the line made me feel at ease...Mr. Sagaria was so kind and assured me that he would help me, and he did. I can start all over and get my life back. Scott, Brittany and Nicole are fabulous. I hesitated for so long, and thank God I saw the Sagaria Law ad..." Teresita F.

"I am extremely pleased with the outcome of both cases handled by Sagaria Law Firm. My family and I are very thankful for all the long hours and hard work you put in and we were so fortunate to have you as our lawyer and will be grateful to you always. Thank you Scott, you have an extremely knowledgeable team with you and I wish you all the best! Without the level of knowledge your team delivered it would have been impossible for me to get out of this case what I did, considering its complexity. Thanks, and once again I wish you all the best!" Vic T.

"Nicole, thank you for being so nice and getting me through my bankruptcy." Bill P.

"Thank you for your service. My bankruptcy was smoother than I imagined. Thanks especially to everyone for answering all my questions and helping me through this traumatic time." Dan K.

"I was truly in a state of confusion over possibly losing my house to the bank and going into debt to save it before I found an advertisement for Sagaria Law. I was impressed with their business and how I was treated. They took me through the whole process and I was never alone. They followed through and my debt was released. Thank you so very much, Sagaria Law." Candace B.

"Sagaria Law Firm handled my case with such professionalism. Every step of the process was clearly explained and all of my questions were answered in a responsive manner, during a really scary time..." Ross S.

"Three words I would use to describe Sagaria Law are thorough, competent and compassionate. Gary Norton made us feel like he honestly cared about our situation and do whatever it took to get positive results for us." Pamela G.

"So far so very good! I'm sure all the negative reviews are written by inferior law firms or friends/relatives thereof. Sagaria Law understands what it takes for a person to reach the point of retaining a bankruptcy attorney. All of the other bankruptcy attorneys I investigated wanted at least $500.00 just to get started. Sagaria will start you on the path to a fresh start for only $100.00 and will work with you to pay off the balance with an easy and convenient payment plan tailored to your needs. I love the packet of info they give you during your initial consult. It tells you step by step what is going to happen and what your responsibilities are and what they will do for you. The folks in the San Jose office are really nice and kind and helpful. My initial consult was with Scott Sagaria. He was down to earth yet very professional, friendly and compassionate. You can tell he demands the same in his staff. I highly recommend this law firm if you are exploring the relief of "going bankrupt." First time client (comments on Yelp)

"Sagaria Law went above and beyond...were respectful, determined and committed to our needs. They are easy to talk with, and they did more than just hold our hands through the process." Rick C.

"I would like to thank Sagaria Law and its personnel for excellent customer service. I appreciate the time spent with me at the San Jose office during which they carefully reviewed my paperwork." Alex S.

"I thank everyone at Sagaria Law for their professional and timely services which helped me through a difficult period. Scott Sagaria guided me through the process, gave me a workable plan, and the amazing staff was there to answer all my questions. They took care of my requests by phone, e-mail, and personal meetings. I truly appreciate all the help and support by everyone at Sagaria Law Office!" Richard O.

"From the moment I contacted their offices, I felt thoroughly supported and in continuous contact with everyone at Sagaria Law. They made the entire bankruptcy experience something that I could come to terms with by going to great lengths to ensure I completed paperwork on time, attended essential meetings made at my convenience, and provided the legal expertise and professional acumen necessary to make this painful decision as "painless" as possible. I would recommend their services to anyone..." James W.

"I'm very happy with the way my case was handled by Sagaria Law. They were very professional and very helpful. The bankruptcy team always responded promptly and provided clarity regarding my case. I will recommend their firm anytime." Joey K.

"We want to thank everyone at Sagaria Law who helped us with our Bankruptcy Petition. What was a very difficult time for us was made much easier thanks to everyone. All involved were patient, kind and very efficient. We now have a fresh start for our family and future, and it's because of all your time and help. Thank you all very much." Kristina & Jeff S.

"Thank you for a Grade "A" result on the settlement. I am very pleased, great job! Thank you, one and all." Bill H.

"I would like to add that Scott's presence in the courtroom is amazing. He got there was able to have us seen right away, he controlled the room, his presence made me feel so at ease. My ex-husband turned RED as soon as he saw Scott, he thought he was just to deal with one attorney. Scott is amazing, he was given a gift, I thank God for him every day. He is not arrogant but confident. What a difference Scott makes. He was amazing, I love him to death." KF

"I would like to thank Scott Sagaria and his team for protecting what is important to me. They were always in my corner fighting to protect my rights as a father and as an individual. I would definitely recommend Sagaria Law to anyone who needs a family law attorney." Sean D.

"Thank you, Sagaria Law, for your superb services in the handling of my case. Your expert team drove my proceedings to conclusion in less than 3 months and with a positive outcome on my behalf. You have a fine staff that works both efficiently and complementary to one another, for benefit of the client." Craig T.

"Sagaria Law unraveled a tricky situation and got me back on course. They helped me navigate through the toughest and most emotionally challenging period of my life." Bruce B.

"Sagaria Law gave me options regarding my case. I was provided an excellent defense to the demands of the opposing counsel in a fair and ethical manner. I was happy with the entire process." David H.

"If I had to sum up my experience with Sagaria Law in one word, I would have to say: exceptional. Sagaria Law is wonderful and the staff was so helpful in my time of need. They assisted me in getting my needs met, and assured me when I was nervous and scared. They were also very considerate regarding my financial status and I was able to establish a payment plan that worked for me. I have everything I have today because of the people at Sagaria Law, and for that, I thank you." Julie N.

"Thank you to Dominque. I REALLY appreciated her promptness and all the help. People like her make this world so much better." L.B.

"Thank you to Scott Sagaria, Attorney at Law, and his fine associate, Dominique Sopko, for rescuing me from doom. Mr. Sagaria took on my extremely challenging case and remains attentive to my needs. He is fair and works well with opposing counsel with a demeanor in the courtroom that is articulate, respectful, and mature. He is able to handle corrupt lawyers who are bullies. I highly recommend Scott Sagaria, I have recommended him and will continue to trust him with my life and my childrens' future. Thank you Scott and Dominique. " Keri F.

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