Section 332 - Consumer Privacy Ombudsman

Title 11 of the United States Code - Bankruptcy

Consumer Privacy Ombudsman - Section 332
11 USCS § 332

(a) If a hearing is required under section 363(b)(1)(B) [11 USCS § 363(b)(1)(B)], the court shall order the United States trustee to appoint, not later than 7 days before the commencement of the hearing, 1 disinterested person (other than the United States trustee) to serve as the consumer privacy ombudsman in the case and shall require that notice of such hearing be timely given to such ombudsman.
(b) The consumer privacy ombudsman may appear and be heard at such hearing and shall provide to the court information to assist the court in its consideration of the facts, circumstances, and conditions of the proposed sale or lease of personally identifiable information under section 363(b)(1)(B) [11 USCS § 363(b)(1)(B)]. Such information may include presentation of--
   (1) the debtor's privacy policy;
   (2) the potential losses or gains of privacy to consumers if such sale or such lease is approved by the court;
   (3) the potential costs or benefits to consumers if such sale or such lease is approved by the court; and
   (4) the potential alternatives that would mitigate potential privacy losses or potential costs to consumers.
(c) A consumer privacy ombudsman shall not disclose any personally identifiable information obtained by the ombudsman under this title.

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