San Jose Bankruptcy: Your Privacy

Several fears and myths play a role when someone in debt is considering filing bankruptcy. One such deterrent we often hear in our San Jose bankruptcy firm is “Uh-oh, my friends, family and the entire world are going to know about my bankruptcy!”

Practically speaking, the majority of  publicity-charged bankruptcy are those of celebrities, public or sports figures, large corporation and are media driven.  That being said, it is more than fair to say that the only people that will be aware of your bankruptcy (depending on who you tell) are the creditors to which you owe your debt. 

While bankruptcy is indeed a public action - it is not likely that there would ever be enough manpower, materials, money or time to make public every bankruptcy filing within all of the various bankruptcy courts in all of the many bankruptcy districts. The cost would be high, the numbers too large and what would be the point?

At Sagaria Law, we hope you put this out of your mind when considering bankruptcy as an option, as there are far more important things to consider, such as your particular circumstances and which bankruptcy options are right for you.
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