San Jose Bankruptcy: Lawsuits? Wage Garnishments?

Garnishments can diminish your hard-earned income making it nearly impossible for you to afford basic necessities. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most effective ways to immediately stop garnishments for many people in San Jose who are facing wage garnishments. By filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and stopping the garnishment, you will be able to use your income for more important necessities in life and start saving for your family's future.

Some states have imposed laws that allow the state to suspend your license if you failed to maintain liability insurance at the time of the accident. Sagaria Law in San Jose can help you get your license reinstated if it is suspended due to an uninsured car accident or unpaid parking tickets. Our bankruptcy lawyers in San Jose can also stop lawsuits related to those car accidents.

If you are being sued, and you own a home, we strongly urge you to speak with a Sagaria Law San Jose attorney immediately about filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 or another form of bankruptcy will stop a lawsuit immediately and prevent your creditors from placing a lien on your home or garnishing your hard-earned wages.

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