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Are you tired? Are you frustrated? Are creditors harassing you day and night? Do you wish a solution would present itself? Do you wish you could just hit the reset button? Well, you can’t. But, San Francisco residents who answered yes to any of the questions above, there is hope! You can click here at the Sagaria Law website or visit our San Francisco-based legal offices where we have a dedicated group of bankruptcy attorneys and support staff dedicated to your financial restoration.  We know and understand how the current economic climate has affected San Francisco including Berkeley, Daly City, Marin, South San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area. We understand that many in San Francisco today don’t know how they will pay for this month’s rent, utilities, or groceries. We get it.

We also understand, however, that for many filing bankruptcy can be a difficult and often times stressful decision. Many view filing bankruptcy as some indication of financial failure. This, however, can’t be further from the truth. The Bankruptcy statutes were put in place to protect debtors, encourage spending, and the great entrepreneurial spirit of America. In essence, bankruptcy really constitutes a fresh start!   Whether filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or looking for a way out of your debt that does not involve bankruptcy such as a bankruptcy alternative called legal debt settlement, our 60+ years of combined experience in the financial resolution industry, combined with the fact that we are legal attorneys, may make us the most suitable choice to fight for your consumer rights and get you on the road to financial restitution.

All it takes is you making a call and getting consultation with one of our many bankruptcy attorneys here in our San Francisco firm.  Sound legal advice and an individualized plan that addresses each client’s specific needs is just a phone call away. At Sagaria Law we specialize in helping our clients get back on their feet. Do you want to stop the harassment? Do you want to get that weight off your back? Then let Sagaria Law firm’s experience in debt relief help you with your fresh start today. Call or get an online evaluation today!

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