Roseville Bankruptcy: Picking the Right Attorney

Bankruptcy is a very specific area of law which is dominated by attorneys who specialize in the field.  The most important consideration when picking an attorney is whether they have the experience to handle anything that might come up in your case.  If you own a car or home or other assets, do you really want to trust your important possessions to an attorney who is new to bankruptcy law?  Sagaria Law’s Roseville attorneys spend almost all of their time on bankruptcies, helping people just like you.  Our suggestion is that you ask any attorney you consider how many bankruptcies you handle.  They should be happy to answer this question, and if they don’t this should be a warning flag.  Compare their experience with the experience that Sagaria Law’s bankruptcy attorneys bring to the table.  You deserve the best advice which can only come from qualified attorneys who are experts in bankruptcy.

Sagaria Law has helped thousands of clients just this year to get their fresh start.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  At Sagaria, our fees are scheduled according to the amount of work your case requires.  We utilize the latest technologies to make us more efficient and pass these benefits on with lower fees.  During your first phone call to us, we can provide a range of fees which we guarantee not to exceed.

After retaining Sagaria Law, we will start taking creditor collection calls so that the harassment will stop.  If your case needs to be filed immediately because of pending foreclosures or wage garnishments, we can act quickly to expedite your case, but most often your case will lose nothing by waiting to file until you are able to pay attorney fees on installments.  Even if your case does need to be filed immediately, we have flexible payment plans available for just these situations.  For as little as $100 down, Sagaria can begin working for you.  Call today to schedule a consultation with one of Sagaria Law of Roseville’s bankruptcy attorneys.

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