Roseville Bankruptcy: Personal Property in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Often Roseville clients report hesitating filing Chapter 7 because they fear they will not be able to keep their personal belongings and valuables.  The good news is that most often a bankruptcy filer retains all personal belongings, including house, car, and household things.  Our Roseville attorneys will work with you to implement a strategy to protect all your valuable possessions.  For instance, if you owe more on your car than it is worth now then the lender will be forced to accept a smaller payoff that equals what they could get for the car in the open market plus interest.  It works the same way with your home and personal things.  In fact, even if your property is worth more than it can get on the open market, Sagaria will utilize exemptions to protect it.

Often our Roseville clients learn that the biggest threat to their property is not filing for bankruptcy.  Until you take advantage of bankruptcy protections, creditors can sue you, attack bank accounts, garnish wages, foreclose houses, and repossess cars.  If they garnish wages, you may find yourself unable to make your mortgage or even buy food or clothing.  Our Roseville attorneys will provide you the best information so that you can protect yourself from creditors.

Our Roseville clients frequently cite creditor harassment as a major source of stress and anxiety.  For them bankruptcy is often a relief.  Sagaria addresses this problem by assigning you a client record number which you can then give to creditors when they call; after that, the creditors can call us instead.  No more payments and no more creditor harassment:  that is what Sagaria Law offers its clients.

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