Roseville Bankruptcy: Good Reasons to Consider Bankruptcy

First, if you are being sued, bankruptcy might be a good option.  A judgment from a  lawsuit can have serious consequences such as garnishing wages or even a lien on your home.  Filing bankruptcy can stop the lawsuit and prevent these potentially major problems.

Also, if your home is being foreclosed on or if your car is being repossessed bankruptcy might offer the best solutions.  Typically, bankruptcy can halt a foreclosure action or repossession, allowing you to consolidate these debts into a feasible payment plan designed for your needs.  If your house is already being foreclosed upon or your car is about to be repossessed, then Chapter 13 might be a better option for you than a Chapter 7 filing.  With Chapter 13, you can usually protect your car and house.  On the other hand if you are behind on credit cards then Chapter 7 might be the appropriate solution.  A $15,000 credit card balance at 15% interest will take a whopping 20 years to pay off.  With a Chapter 7 filing, Sagaria Law of Roseville can erase this debt and give you the fresh start guaranteed to you by law.  

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