Redwood City Bankruptcy: Renting After Bankruptcy

Most often, people who file bankruptcy stress about not being able to rent an apartment after bankruptcy.  Last year, over 1 million bankruptcies filed in the United States and these people are not living on the streets. People who presently rent a home or apartment will mostly likely be able to renew their lease without running an updated credit report, and the landlord does not have any knowledge that bankruptcy has been filed.  

Applying for a new lease has some slight difficulties that can be easily overcome. Sagaria Law bankruptcy attorneys discovered that larger leasing companies have stricter policies regarding leasing to applicants with blemished credit rather than smaller leasing companies. Keep in mind that it is the bad credit report and not the bankruptcy that makes it more difficult to get a new lease. Having no outstanding credit puts lends that person more credibility than a person who has a blemished credit report. Our Redwood city bankruptcy attorneys find that showing sincerity like offering an extra month security deposit may be enough for a potential landlord to overcome his concerns about the bad credit history.

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