(a) Trial Briefs.
(1) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, at least 7 days before trial is scheduled to
commence, each counsel may file and serve a trial brief which may contain:
(A) A concise statement of the facts of the case;
(B) All admissions and stipulations;
(C) A short summary of the points of law involved, citing authorities in support thereof; and
(D) Any anticipated evidentiary problems.
(2) In appropriate cases, the court may require submission of trial briefs.
(b) Form of Briefs.
(1) Length. A brief must not exceed 35 pages in length, unless otherwise ordered by
the court.
(2) Appendices. Appendices must not include any matters that properly belong in the
body of the brief.
(3) Table of Contents and Table of Authorities. Any brief exceeding 10 pages in length, excluding exhibits, must be accompanied by an indexed table of contents
setting forth the headings and subheadings contained in the body thereof and by
an indexed table of the cases, statutes, rules, and other authorities cited.
(4) Unpublished Opinions. If a party cites an unpublished judicial opinion, order,
judgment, or other written disposition, the party must file and serve a copy of that
opinion, order, judgment, or disposition with the brief or other paper in which it
is cited.
(c) Citations.
(1) Acts of Congress. A citation to an Act of Congress must include a parallel citation
to the United States Code by title and section, if codified.
(2) Regulations. A citation to a federal regulation must include a citation to the Code
of Federal Regulations by title and section and the date of promulgation of the
(3) Cases.
(A) Federal. The initial citation of a United States Supreme Court case must be to the United States Reports. A citation to the Federal Reporter, Federal Supplement, or Federal Rules Decisions must be used where available.
(B) State. The initial citation to a state court decision must include both the official report and any regional reporter published by West Publishing Company. California parallel citations may be limited to the official reports and California Reporter.
(C) Bankruptcy. A bankruptcy case citation must be to West’s Bankruptcy Reporter, where available.
(D) Unreported Decisions. Where a citation to the above-named reporters is not available, the party citing the case must provide the court with an unmarked, complete copy of the decision.
(E) Citation Form. A case citation must include the name and district or circuit of the issuing court and the year of the decision.
(4) Internal Page Citation. A case citation must include a further citation to the page
where the proposition of law is found.
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