5005.5-1 Eligibility and Registration for Electronic Filing; Use of Passwords

(a) Eligible Persons. Attorneys admitted to practice in this court (including those
admitted pro hac vice), attorneys exempt from admission to the bar of this court (including attorneys authorized to represent the United States and attorneys representing child support creditors as authorized by P.L. 103-394, §304(g)), U.S. Trustees and their assistants, trustees, claims agents, and others as the Clerk deems appropriate, shall be eligible to apply for registered user status and be issued a username and password authorizing them to access the court’s electronic filing system and submit documents in electronic form. Support staff of registered users are not eligible for a separate username and password, although such staff may attend any electronic filing system training provided by the court and may, with the permission and in the name of a registered user, use the username and password of that registered user to submit documents in electronic form.
(b) Application to be a Registered User. All eligible persons shall complete and submit the online Electronic Filing System Registration Form and User Agreement available on the court’s Internet web site (www.caeb.uscourts.gov). All registered users shall also maintain an account in good standing with the PACER Service Center (http:/pacer.psc.uscourts.gov).
(c) Training. Prior to receiving an electronic filing system username and password,
registered users, or a person authorized to act on behalf of a registered user, must complete minimum required electronic filing system training provided by the court or obtain a waiver of the training requirement from the Clerk.
(d) Unauthorized Use of Password Prohibited.
(1) A registered user shall not use his/her username and password to file pleadings or other documents on behalf of someone who is not a registered user.
(2) No person may use a username and password without the permission of the registered user to whom they were issued. Registered users shall protect the security and confidentiality of their username and password and prevent their disclosure to any person other than the registered user’s authorized agent.
(e) Duty to Maintain an e-Mail Account; Update e-Mail Address. Each registered user shall maintain an e-mail account and shall update his/her e-Filing user information via the court’s web site whenever their e-mail address changes.
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