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  • "Sagaria Law Firm handled my case with such professionalism. Every step of the process was clearly explained and all of my questions were answered in a responsive manner, during a really scary time..." Ross S.
  • "Sagaria Law went above and beyond...were respectful, determined and committed to our needs. They are easy to talk with, and they did more than just hold our hands through the process." Rick C.
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San Jose Bankruptcy Lawyers

The Path to Financial Freedom

road Welcome to Sagaria Law, A Professional Corporation. Our San Jose Bankruptcy Lawyers are committed to providing you with the skill and expertise necessary to meet all of your Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy needs. Our bankruptcy attorneys handle all types of consumer bankruptcy cases including Chapter 7 (no asset bankruptcy, aka the Fresh Start bankruptcy) and Chapter 13 (repayment plan). We will consult with you regarding your options and put in place the best plan to fit your needs. We will ensure that your assets are protected and deal with all of your creditors from the moment we become your attorney. We will also protect you from creditor calls. More… Contact Us

Bankruptcy Litigation

video Sagaria Law, PC attorneys are bankruptcy litigators and consumer advocates. What does that mean? Unlike other bankruptcy law firms, we take it a step further and mine violations on your behalf to stop creditors from harassing you, your family and your place of business. You have rights under the Rosenthal Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and even if you owe a debt or many debts, you still have the right to be treated fairly. The San Jose bankruptcy lawyers at Sagaria Law make sure that happens. To learn more, watch this Video…

Start your financial recovery NOW

Financial Recovery Chances are that you landed on this website because something happened that put you “over the edge” financially. Often times it's divorce, a job loss, a medical emergency or just finally being way over-extended financially that leads people to seek out our help.

Regardless of what brought you here today, it’s important that you understand that you’re not alone . Not only are you not alone in the sense that having the San Jose bankruptcy attorneys at Sagaria Law protect you finally puts someone in YOUR corner, fighting for YOUR rights … More

Bankruptcy News

Bankruptcy Knowledge is Power!

Let’s face it: Bankruptcy happens. It happens to celebrities, large corporations and every day citizens that are faced with financial burdens. To make the right choice, you need information. Sagaria Law has it. We provide the tools so that consumers in debt can make educated decisions and not feel helpless. You are not alone! Click around to learn more: Press Releases Bankruptcy Topics Library

Repair your credit to a 720 credit score after filing bankruptcy

You CAN rebuild a credit score after a bankruptcy—and quickly. If you work within the confines of the rules, your score will rebound within 24 months, and sometimes as little as 12 months.

The credit-scoring bureaus place people who have been through bankruptcy into two categories: those who have used the bankruptcy to turn over a new leaf, and those who are going to continue having financial hardship. Instead of trying to scam the bureaus, 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score simply and effectively tells you exactly what to do to improve your score.

If you want to take steps so that your credit score will naturally increase despite your bankruptcy, we recommend one course: 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score.

Here at Sagaria Law, we not only help you with your legal matters but help you repair your credit to get the fresh start you deserve.

Please contact me directly to discuss any further. 408-279-2288.

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